Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Ottimmo International

“Ottimmo sees the importance of a healthy lifestyle. As technology continues to evolve, plant-based food is not just about plant-based meat substitutes, but also about utilising soybeans, almonds, rice cereals and more. As well as contributing to a healthy lifestyle, plant-based food also plays an important role on environmental issues. Ottimmo is adding ‘Plant-Based Food’ to the curriculum in the upcoming semester so that our students can encourage people to live a healthy, more sustainable lifestyle.”

Ottimmo International was founded as a gourmet academy and training centre dedicated to the development and dissemination of outstanding food and beverage preparation in Indonesia. The building of the school was granted by the PERITIA Foundation (parts of the Italian gastronomic culture aficionados) in Indonesia in October 2012.

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