Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

One Planet Pizza

“A plant-based diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. And we know that nothing (except possibly Sir David Attenborough) changes perceptions about plant-based food quite like epic-tasting pizzas. This Meat Free Monday, make a small but delicious change that’s better for the planet, without giving up the classic pizza flavours and tastes you love. In other words, we call it the future of pizza. And yes, it’s plant-based.”

Founded by father and son team, Mike and Joe Hill, One Planet Pizza is what they call ‘pizza with purpose’. It’s a company that does things for the planet, and it puts this message into practice with everything it does. With a wide range of pizzas to encourage planet-positivity, One Planet Pizza says that the future of food is, and has to be, plant-based, but that doesn’t mean compromising on flavour or quality.

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