Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Morini Brands Risofu®

“Meat Free Monday is a simple way for people globally to be introduced to healthier and plant-based foods that they may not be aware of or otherwise get an opportunity to try. People of all ages, especially children who are learning healthy eating habits, or have specific dietary needs, get options that are deliciously nutritious and good for the planet. It’s also great to know that we have a strong voice with Paul McCartney and family to promote these efforts.” – Christopher Morini Sr

Christopher Morini Sr. is the creator and co-founder of Morini Brands Risofu®, “The World’s First Rice Curd Base Meat Alternative”™. Risofu®, which is 100% plant based, soy free, non GMO with no lab synthesised ingredients, and available in five flavours, can be transformed into vegan dips, burgers, lunch meats and much more.

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