Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

AimHi Earth

“We all care a lot about the food we eat. It’s part of our culture and a part of who we are. But that doesn’t mean that what we eat now should be what we continue to eat forever. We used to struggle to find enough food to survive and so a cow was a miracle: it could turn grass into milk, cheese and meat. But now we live in a world where 1/3 of all food is wasted. The worry now isn’t finding food; it’s protecting nature and combating the climate crisis. The single biggest thing the average global citizen can do to combat and reverse environmental destruction is to cut down on animal products. Every single step helps. So if you’ve never tried it before, please try Meat Free Monday.”

AimHi Earth is an education-to-action hub on a mission to transform global understanding of climate and nature. It has created live-learning experiences for understanding the climate and nature crisis, how to talk about it and how to make a difference.

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