More Than Carrots


“Thanks to Meat Free Monday’s fantastic campaigns, a lot of people are now aware of the impact our diet has on the environment. I changed my own habits because of this campaign and haven’t looked back. While on my journey, I realised that eating veggie dishes can be very easy at some restaurants, but it is still quite hard at most of them. This often stopped me, especially in the beginning. I started More Than Carrots to make finding restaurants with tempting veggie offerings easy.”

Annette Burgard

Annette Burgard is the Founder of More Than Carrots, a restaurant guide for meat-reducers. Using public ratings and menu analysis, More Than Carrots ranks restaurants for the likelihood that a meat-reducer will be tempted by their veggie options. More Than Carrots’ data is free to use and available on their website. The data will also be integrated in other food apps to make it available to a bigger audience.

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